BNE Business Manifesto for Reform

BNE launched "A Europe that Works: A Manifesto for Reform" with cross party support on 1 July in Westminster. We currently have over 260 supporters from large and small businesses and business associations. Click above to support the manifesto, and for full details of the campaign. …

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A Long and Winding Road? Scottish Independence and EU Accession

What should be the policy of the EU towards a country or region within a Member State, if that country or region chooses to become independent from the Member State? Due to the parallel independence debates in Scotland and Catalonia, that question is now the …

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Migration – Making it Work

Migration is one of the most divisive issues in British politics today. Migrants bring enormous benefits to the UK, but continue to be the subject of often extremely negative media coverage. This coverage in turn often blames the European Union, because the EU gives people …

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BNE in the Telegraph - Britain can play a key part in reforming the European Union

Sir Mike Rake, the new president of the CBI and a supporter of BNE, has said that continued membership of the EU is "overwhelmingly" in the UK's economic interests ahead of a new report backing EU reform signed by 160 chief executives and business leaders. …

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