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Press Release: Business for New Europe comments on EU referendum bill

17 October 2014

"When politicians treat EU membership has a political football in Westminster, they put jobs at risk across the country"- Alisdair McIntosh, Director of Business for New Europe   Business for New Europe, the business group which makes the positive economic case for EU membership, today commented on the EU referendum bill which is having its …

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Press Release: EU-Canada trade deal will boost UK growth and provides hope for the future

26 September 2014

The signing today of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada will provide great opportunities for British business and further deliver growth and jobs in the UK, say business leaders. As well as eliminating 99% of tariffs, Canada has agreed to open up federal and provincial public procurement to a …

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Press Release: New Commission line-up reflects British priorities

10 September 2014

The new Commission line-up announced this morning shows a determination to focus on British priorities of growth, reform and efficiency, according to business leaders, and gives the critical financial services brief to the UK's Jonathan Hill. Jean-Clause Juncker's decision to create powerful new Vice-Presidents for growth and competitiveness, better regulation and budget, while reducing the …

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Press Release: Business needs UK to use our influence in Europe: sceptics want us to lose it

1 September 2014

Claims that Eurosceptic Tory MPs will pledge to vote no in an EU referendum whatever reforms the UK secures, and that the UK lacks influence in Brussels and Strasbourg, sell Britain short, according to business leaders.  Commenting on recent press reports about Britain's influence in the EU, Alisdair McIntosh, Director of BNE, said: "The interests …

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Press Release: Brexit would be economically disastrous and threatening to leave won’t achieve reform

5 August 2014

  The claims by Boris Johnson’s chief economic adviser, Gerard Lyons, that the UK could be better off if it left the EU are plain wrong, warn business leaders.  Staying in the EU is better than leaving. Here’s why:   Free access to European Single Market is worth up to £80 billion year to the …

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Press Release: Government should do more to increase the number of Brits in EU institutions

21 July 2014

The government should do more to increase the number of Brits in EU institutions if it wants to maintain UK influence and secure reforms. Business leaders expressed concern about the imminent fall in the number of British officials in senior posts in the EU institutions, reported in an analysis by the British Bankers Association [footnote …

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Press Release: Leaving the Court of Human Rights would damage Britain’s standing and influence

17 July 2014

Mooted Conservative proposals would seriously damage Britain’s standing and influence in the world according to Business for New Europe. Reports that a future Conservative Government would pass a law to limit the role of the European Court are extremely worrying. It is strongly in the interests of ordinary UK citizens and any UK Governments to …

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Press Release: Scottish independence: road to EU membership could be long and uncertain

3 June 2014

A vote for independence would require Scotland to leave the European Union and apply for membership from scratch, because several Member States have reason to veto any short-cuts. That is a key finding of a new report by Business for New Europe, which says that 2019 is the earliest that an independent Scotland could expect …

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Press Release - UKIP success doesn’t mean Britons want to quit EU, say pro-European groups

27 May 2014

The rise of UKIP and Eurosceptic parties across Europe shows how crucial it is for Britain and the EU to reform and re-double efforts to make Europe an engine for growth and job creation again, say a group of pro-European organisations.   However, the results in the UK should not be read as an automatic …

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Press Release: Business leaders condemn Nigel Farage for branding Romanian migrants ‘criminals’

26 April 2014

Pro-European business leaders have condemned UKIP leader Nigel Farage for claiming that Romanian migrants had a "culture of criminality" and that Britons should be "wary" of Romanians who come and live on their street. Farage made the comments in a Guardian interview, where he also linked concerns over EU migration to the number of Romanians who …

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Press Release: ‘Brexit prize’ interesting exercise but shows how messy ‘out’ would be

9 April 2014

As the IEA announces the winner of its Brexit prize, with a theoretical blueprint for Britain outside the EU, pro-European business leaders said that although an interesting intellectual exercise in exploring what Britain outside the EU would look like, it simply highlighted how many different versions of ‘Out’ there are and didn’t address any of …

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Press Release: Business leaders welcome UK manufacturers’ support for EU membership

7 April 2014

Business leaders today welcomed the publication of a new report from the EEF, the manufacturers' organisation, that shows how manufacturers across a range of sectors are four square behind Britain's EU membership. It also illustrates how consensus is building across the business community on how reform can deliver jobs, growth and a more competitive Europe.    Business for …

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Press Release: Car manufacturers say British EU membership vital for industry

2 April 2014

Today's report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, The UK Automotive Industry and the EU, is a powerful reminder of what is at stake in terms of jobs, investment and revenues for one of our strongest manufacturing industries should the UK leave the EU.   An astonishing 92 per cent of automotive companies surveyed believe staying …

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Press Release:BNE, CBI & Siemens lead business welcome for clarity and certainty over EU referendum

12 March 2014

Business leaders today welcomed the clarification of the Labour party position on an EU referendum, saying it reduced uncertainty and meant that more time could be devoted to achieving concrete EU reform. They also said that consensus was now forming on the areas of reform Britain should be focussing on. Chairman of Business for New …

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Press Release: Business leaders clash over EU membership

28 February 2014

A year on from David Cameron’s EU speech at Bloomberg, business leaders today debated Britain’s future EU membership and what reforms are needed to make the EU more competitive. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in London discussing EU reform, Roland Rudd, Chairman of Business for New Europe said: “I think the government is absolutely right …

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Press Release: BNE challenges BfB report on “12bn costs” of Lisbon Treaty to businesses

24 February 2014

Leading pro-European campaign Business for New Europe has criticised Business for Britain’s report claiming that the Lisbon Treaty has so far “cost” British businesses £12bn. These “costs” are not proven, but estimates of potential costs of legislation as set out in Government Impact Assessments (IAs) before the legislation had been introduced.    -          Business for Britain’s report makes …

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Press Release: Boost to the Brits - Creative Industries to gain from EU-wide Music Sharing Deal

20 February 2014

The day after the Brit Awards showcased the best in British music, our hugely successful creative industries will feel a further boost after the EU adopted new rules allowing better access to online music across the EU. Business leaders welcomed the measures which mean that online music providers will no longer have to obtain separate licenses …

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Press Release: 30% boost to Britain’s trade in goods from EU membership

20 January 2014

Britain’s trade in goods is boosted by 30% due to EU membership, according to a new report published today by the Centre for European Reform (CER). The report also found little evidence that Britain’s EU membership has diverted trade from other major trading partners outside the EU.   Director of Business for New Europe, Alisdair McIntosh, said: …

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Press Release: Osborne reform push welcome, but treaty change not guaranteed, say business leaders

15 January 2014

Pro-European business leaders today warned that it was far from certain that treaty change for the whole EU would happen in the next few years, with several countries wholly opposed to holding the referendums which would result.   Business for New Europe, the coalition of business leaders, said it would be far more likely that …

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Press Release:Business for Britain Manifesto would dismantle the Single Market, say business leaders

14 January 2014

Proposals to exempt non-exporting UK businesses from EU rules would lead to the dismantlement of the single market, pro-European business group, Business for New Europe has said. These proposals are unworkable, bureaucratic and would create a disincentive for companies to export.   Chairman of Business for New Europe, Roland Rudd, said: “If Business for Britain’s plans …

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Press Release: Pro-EU campaign appoints senior official as Director

8 January 2014

Britain’s leading pro-European business campaign, Business for New Europe, has appointed senior government and policy expert Alisdair McIntosh as Director at a crucial time for Britain’s EU membership. McIntosh was Director of the UK Government’s Scotland Office from 2009-2012 and has a wealth of expertise in EU and domestic policy, having also worked for the Treasury, …

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Press Release - Government adopts Business for New Europe’s benefit reform recommendations

27 November 2013

Business for New Europe today welcomed the Prime Minister’s plans to tighten the benefits system, several of which were suggested in BNE’s migration reform paper Migration, making it work.   BNE had suggested a three month qualification period before EU migrants could claim Jobseekers’ Allowance on arrival in the UK, which would also have to …

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Press Release - Benefits of EU Membership worth 4-5% of UK GDP. says CBI

4 November 2013

In a significant piece of research into the costs and benefits of EU membership, the CBI concludes that it is overwhelmingly in Britain's national interest to stay in the EU, with membership bringing  4-5% of UK Gross Domestic Product every year, or £62-78bn.The report also calls for a series of reforms to streamline the EU …

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Press Release: EU-Canada Free Trade Deal could see £1.3bn annual boost to UK economy

18 October 2013

IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Business leaders today welcomed the conclusion of an EU trade deal with Canada that could benefit the UK economy and businesses by over £1.3 billion a year. The agreement will lower tariffs, streamline regulation and cut red tape that hampers trade. Latest BIS estimates suggest that UK exports to Canada would increase by …

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Press Release: Business leaders back EU reform plans

15 October 2013

Business leaders today welcomed the Prime Minister’s taskforce on cutting EU red tape, saying a real consensus is now forming around a concrete set of reforms to make the EU more competitive and business-friendly. Measures set out by the Prime Minster’s taskforce are broadly in line with the Business for New Europe manifesto for EU …

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8 October 2013

Business leaders today welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister’s ‘call-to-arms’ to business to speak up in favour of Britain’s EU membership. Business for New Europe, which makes the case for Britain’s membership of a reformed, more competitive EU, said that now more than ever, businesses have to spell out the reality of what being part of …

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24 September 2013

IMMEDIATE RELEASE 24/09/2013  As new data is published in Washington on the potential US benefits of a transatlantic trade deal, British business leaders today highlighted the potential boost to the British economy, with gains of up to £10bn per year in national income expected. Britain would see the most significant benefits from the elimination of …

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Press Release - Japan is right - leaving the EU would risk jobs

21 July 2013

Press Release   Japan is right - leaving the EU would risk jobs   IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 21 July 2013   Business for New Europe, the pro-European business campaign, welcomed Japan's statement that "it expects that the UK will maintain a strong voice and continue to play a major role in the EU." In a submission …

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Over 170 senior business leaders and Business Secretary back EU reform agenda

30 June 2013

1 July 2013 Over 170 business leaders said today that reform of Britain’s relationship with the European Union needs to start now. Of the 171-strong list, over a quarter are business leaders from top-listed global companies supporting Business for New Europe’s Business Manifesto for Reform in a personal capacity - 35 on the FTSE, 8 …

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Press Release - UK residence rules for migrants are in line with EU law says business group

30 May 2013

The UK’s ‘habitual residence test’ is fully in line with EU law said Business for New Europe, a UK coalition of pro-European business leaders, responding to the European Commission’s infraction case against it.   “The residence element in the UK’s habitual residence test is fully in line with the principle clearly set out in EU …

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Press Release–Focus on migrant rules welcome, but measures should go further

25 March 2013

Pro-European business group, Business for New Europe, welcomed the Prime Minister’s focus on reforming immigration rules, but said the problem of migrants claiming benefits from day one was not addressed by his plans.   The Prime Minister proposed to limit Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) to six months unless migrants could prove they have a genuine chance …

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Press Release - Britain’s economy could be damaged by In-Out referendum

23 January 2013

The Prime Minister has set out welcome suggestions for reform of the European Union, opening the debate on how it can be made more competitive. But, he has also introduced considerable uncertainty into the UK economy by placing a question mark over Britain’s EU membership. Roland Rudd, Chairman of BNE said, “The overall vision is good …

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Press Release - The UK can work with EU banking proposals

12 September 2012

The UK can work with today’s proposals from the European Commission for banking regulation. They include a widely trailed move to put the regulation of the Eurozone’s 6,000 banks under one roof at the European Central Bank and bolster the European Banking Authority’s mandate to safeguard the Single Market. Phillip Souta, Director of BNE, said, …

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Press Release - Europe and America should ditch Doha, focus on transatlantic trade deal

21 June 2012

Europe and America should call for an end to the failed Doha negotiations and focus, amongst other things, on an EU/US trade deal, according to a report released by Business for New Europe, a UK coalition of pro-European business leaders. The report calls for an ambitious transatlantic free trade agreement in addition to reform of …

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Press Release - MPs call to push EU-USA trade deal and strengthen WTO

24 May 2012

The EU should pursue an ambitious EU-US trade agreement whilst seeking to strengthen the World Trade Organization. That’s the call from the newly elected co-chairs of the cross party parliamentary group on the European Union, Emma Reynolds MP (Labour), Robert Buckland MP (Conservative) and Stephen Gilbert MP (Liberal Democrat). A deal with the US would …

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Press Release - Merkel and Hollande need to form left-right grand coalition to save eurozone

15 May 2012

With the prospect of a Greek exit from the euro being openly discussed, Europe needs Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande to show political leadership, by agreeing a left-right settlement on austerity and growth. Phillip Souta, Director of BNE said, “Europe is approaching a crucial phase of the eurozone crisis.  Politicians are openly discussing a Greek …

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Press Release - Austerity without reform is pushing Europe to the limits

2 May 2012

The current focus on austerity is causing a severe political backlash across Europe.  Without structural reforms to the eurozone and plans to stimulate the private sector, Europe’s attempts to move beyond the crisis will come to nothing, says Business for New Europe, a coalition of UK business leaders. Phillip Souta, Director of BNE said, “Nobody …

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Scottish Membership of the EU would NOT be automatic

9 March 2012

A newly independent Scotland would not be guaranteed automatic entry into the EU following a vote for independence according to a report released this morning by Business for New Europe, a UK coalition of pro-European business leaders. The report highlights the fact that accession to the European Union requires changes to its founding treaties and …

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Press Release – EU must give Greece light at the end of the tunnel

21 February 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE This morning’s agreement was essential but more needs to be done. Phillip Souta, Director of BNE, states “This morning’s deal has eliminated the prospect of an immediate Greek default and the very dangerous and unpredictable consequences that would have followed.”  With estimates that Greece will not return to growth for a decade, …

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Press Release – Captains of Industry say leaving the EU would damage British business

9 February 2012

A recent Business for New Europe poll by Ipsos MORI shows that there is widespread agreement that UK withdrawal from the EU would damage British business.  In the IPSOS Mori ‘Captains of Industry’ poll, 73% of board level directors from FTSE 350, top 500 industrials by turnover and top 100 financial companies by capital employed …

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Press Release – The UK should get back in the room and push reform

30 January 2012

The European Council meeting in Brussels today should see an agreement on the draft fiscal pact.  The UK should get back in the room and push a reform agenda.  Roland Rudd, Chairman of BNE said, “Europe needs growth and structural reform.  The appointment of Mario Monti in Italy, Mariano Rajoy in Spain and Mario Draghi …

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Press Release – It is in UK’s interest for fiscal pact to be part of EU Treaty

11 January 2012

The euro+ treaty should be incorporated into the EU treaties as soon as possible. Following Monday’s meeting of European Liberal leaders in London, BNE fully supports the aim for the new euro+ treaty to eventually be incorporated into the European Union treaties. Phillip Souta, Director of BNE said, “We still need to see the final …

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Press Release - The Way Forward

14 December 2011

Business for New Europe held a meeting this morning with the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, the Business Secretary, Dr. Vince Cable, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne and senior backbench MP David Laws. The Deputy Prime Minister said that the Government was “absolutely determined” …

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EU Summit Outcome - Britain isolated, eurozone under threat

9 December 2011

It is a matter of enormous regret that we find ourselves in a minority of one following the EU summit this week.  The biggest question for British strategy is, why did we need this opt out and what were we trying to protect?  Common rules for the Single Market have been adopted by Qualified Majority …

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Press Release – The eurozone needs automatic sanctions

6 December 2011

The UK should support Germany in its push for automatic eurozone sanctions. At the beginning of the latest make-or-break week for the eurozone, the biggest political fault line is between France and Germany on how to enforce greater fiscal discipline in the eurozone.  President Sarkozy wants ‘political control’; Chancellor Merkel wants automatic enforcement by the …

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Press Release – European Commission is right to back eurobonds

23 November 2011

BNE calls on eurozone creditor states to accept eurobonds as part of the solution to the euro crisis. The Commission today is throwing its weight behind the idea of eurobonds as part of the solution to the sovereign debt crisis in Europe.  Germany opposes such measures on the grounds that they would introduce unacceptable moral …

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Press Release – EU referendum vote is a distraction

24 October 2011

The motion being debated today in the House of Commons on whether to have a referendum on UK membership of the European Union should fail for a whole host of reasons but two stand out. Phillip Souta, Director of BNE, said "a referendum on our membership of the EU would be a huge distraction at a …

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Press Release - Cut the EU budget to boost the EU’s credibility

10 October 2011

BNE calls for radical shift in EU spending to promote growth; 10% EU budget cut.  As EU Ministers meet today to discuss the shape of the EU’s budget from 2014 – 2020, the argument is between those who want to increase spending or freeze it.  No one has made a credible case for reductions yet, …

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Press Release – ‘Big Bang’ Solution Needed to Allow Greece to Default Within Euro

29 September 2011

  BNE calls for the UK government to get behind the “big bang” solution to the eurozone crisis. Mrs. Merkel’s success today in gaining the Bundestag’s support for the recently agreed extension to the EFSF, without having to rely on opposition votes, is a sign that the eurozone might be getting ahead of the markets. …

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BNE Chairman Roland Rudd opens Westminster conference on UK’s relationship with EU

5 September 2011

This morning, Roland Rudd, chairman of Business for New Europe opened a conference organised by Bill Cash MP at Westminster on the importance of the UK taking a positive and leading role in the European Union. In order to bring about stability within the eurozone, there are growing calls that a new treaty effecting euro …

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Press Release – EU Financial Transaction Tax is a red herring

18 August 2011

  BNE opposes calls for the establishment of an EU Financial Transaction Tax.   On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy met in Paris to reassure global markets that steps are being taken within the eurozone following the market volatility seen in recent weeks.   Business for New Europe (BNE) supports Chancellor …

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Business leaders support Brits in Brussels

3 February 2011

Business for New Europe (BNE), the coalition of pro-European business leaders, endows €14,000 BNE Scholarship for UK national to go to College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium or Natolin, Poland. BNE strongly supports the need for British representation in the institutions of the European Union.  Currently, the UK makes up 12% of the EU’s population …

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74% of business Leaders Show Support for the UK’s membership of the EU

19 December 2010

Press Release   Business for New Europe commissioned an Ipsos MORI poll on business leaders’ views about the possible side effects of the UK withdrawing from the EU. The results of our poll received this week showed that 74% of business leaders believe the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would be damaging compared to 22% …

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74% of business Leaders Show Support for the UK’s membership of the EU

19 December 2010

Press Release   Business for New Europe commissioned an Ipsos MORI poll on business leaders’ views about the possible side effects of the UK withdrawing from the EU. The results of our poll received this week showed that 74% of business leaders believe the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would be damaging compared to 22% …

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BNE launches business manifesto on the UK and the EU

22 April 2010

Press Release Business for New Europe (BNE) has launched its business manifesto on the UK and the EU today. Fifteen business leaders, including Sir Richard Branson (Chairman, Virgin Group), Roger Carr (Chairman, Centrica), Sir Mike Rake (Chairman, BT) and Lord Kerr (Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell, and former head of the Diplomatic Service) have expressed …

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Senior business leaders to meet with Michel Barnier

26 February 2010

Business for New Europe (BNE) is holding a private meeting with Michel Barnier, European Union Commissioner for Internal Markets and Services on 2 March in London. A select group of about 20 high level business people including chairman and CEOs will meet the commissioner over lunch and hear his views on the commission's programme for …

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81% of UK business leaders want Europe to take a greater role in tackling climate change

9 December 2009

On 10 and 11 December 2009, the European Council will meet in the backdrop of the UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen. While it is understandable that attention has been focused on the short-term economic situation, we cannot afford to ignore the longer-term and more serious challenges posed by climate change. The European Union had …

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Leaders from 20 Businesses say Yes to 20-20-20

8 July 2009

With climate change at the centre of G8 and MEF discussions in Italy from 8-10 July, business leaders have emphasised EU leadership and the opportunity offered by efforts to combat climate change. In a major new publication, “A Climate Mission for Europe”, senior business leaders from 20 companies highlight the EU’s achievements on environmental policy, …

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British Business Positive about Enlargement

1 May 2009

On the fifth anniversary of the European Union’s major accession encompassing central and eastern Europe, and at a time of great economic uncertainty, British business leaders have expressed their support for enlargement. Eight new member states, formerly Communist, from central and eastern Europe (known as the A8) joined the EU on 1st May 2004, and …

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BNE Position Statement on the G20 London Summit

30 March 2009

Supported by (in a personal capacity)Roland Rudd (Chairman, Business for New Europe)Lord Brittan of SpennithorneRoger Carr (Chairman, Centrica)Guy Dawson (Founding Partner, Tricorn Partners)Lady Judge (Deputy Chair, Friends Provident)Sir John Parker (Chairman, National Grid)Vijay Patel (CEO, Waymade Healthcare)Stuart Popham (Senior Partner, Clifford Chance)Sir Michael Rake (Chairman, BT Group)Anthony Salz (Executive Vice Chairman, Rothschild)Bryan Sanderson Peter Shore …

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BNE’s Reaction to PM Gordon Brown’s Speech to the European Parliament

24 March 2009

Following Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg today, BNE issued the following statement: “The EU is right slap bang in the middle of the response to the credit crunch and economic downturn. By working together as a European bloc, the EU can provide leadership at the G20. Britain must continue to work with …

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BNE unveils new research into the UK’s economic relationship with the rest of Europe

6 February 2009

As the UK’s labour links with the rest of Europe come into the spotlight as a result of the Lindsey Oil Refinery dispute, a fresh research report shows that as many as 1.6 million British people live and work in other member states of the EU.  This finding is included in an extensive research report …

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Poll shows British business impressed with euro

30 December 2008

As the euro reaches its tenth anniversary and Slovakia becomes the 16th country to adopt the currency on 1st January 2009, a Yougov poll of British small business leaders shows that they are upbeat about its performance. 61% of think it is a sustainable currency in the long-term (as opposed to 19% who think it is …

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BNE responds to European Parliament vote on Working Time Directive

17 December 2008

Following the vote in the European Parliament to end the UK’s opt-out from the maximum 48-hour working week, a spokesman for Business for New Europe said: "In a global financial crisis, it is misguided for the European Parliament to vote for an arbitrary ceiling on the working week. It would make us less competitiveness just …

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British Public supports European Cooperation on Credit Crunch

14 November 2008

On the eve of the international financial summit in Washington, the British public has expressed its support for cooperation between EU member states. In total an impressive 79% of British people agreed with cooperation between EU member states on the credit crunch, with only 8% disagreeing. As result of the financial collapse within the banking …

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BNE responds to Ireland No Vote on Lisbon Treaty

13 June 2008

Following the Irish no vote on the Lisbon Treaty, Business for New Europe has issued the following statement: "Following the Irish no vote, it must now be for the governments of the EU to consider the next steps. We continue to believe that the Lisbon Treaty would be good for Britain and for British business. …

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British Business supports past and future enlargement

24 May 2008

On the day when Europe shows its lighter side through the Eurovision final, the serious side of Europe’s successful enlargement is again highlighted. New research from Business for Europe shows strong support amongst the business community for EU enlargement. Eurovision this year takes place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, which is a potential candidate …

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Business applauds EU Migration

30 April 2008

Business for New Europe welcomes the publication of IPPR’s report “Floodgates or Turnstiles?”, examining post-EU enlargement migration to and from the UK. BNE is committed to EU enlargement, and recognises the benefits of the recent enlargement of the Union. The UK in particular has benefited from the migration following the enlargement of 2004. As well …

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The EU Budget requires reform, say business leaders

15 April 2008

Business leaders are urging the EU to seize the opportunity to reform its budget. In a report entitled “A Budget for Business: The corporate community’s recipe for a new EU funding regime”, business argues that the budget should be capped at its current level and that expenditure should be increasingly diverted to areas such as …

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Business Leaders call for pro-Europe, pro-reform approach

21 January 2008

As the Second Reading of the Reform Treaty Bill starts in Parliament, 35 business leaders have emphasised the importance of the UK’s relationship with the EU. In the open letter, the business leaders stress the importance of the UK’s economic ties with the rest of Europe, and the ongoing imperative for economic reform and strengthening …

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Court verdict highlights need for European Budget Reform

13 November 2007

Following the European Court of Auditors’ rejection of the EU’s accounts, a spokesman for Business for New Europe said: “The rejection of the EU’s accounts is again disappointing news. But amidst the obvious temptation to admonish the EU, we should bear in mind that most of the Budget is administered by Member States. Furthermore the …

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EU Reforming Treaty is a Success for Business and Britain

24 June 2007

Following the outcome of the European Council meeting in Brussels, Business for New Europe has issued the following statement: “The agreement reached is an important landmark and will enable the EU to work more effectively. Reform of the EU’s institutions, such as ending the rotating Presidency and a fairer voting system in the European Council, …

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British Business supports EU Amending Treaty

18 June 2007

A poll released today shows that British business leaders would support an amending Treaty for the EU. The results of the poll show that of 52% of large and medium business leaders support a new Treaty, with just 31% opposed. The poll (by Continental Research of more than 200 business people) shows that the top …

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UK’s contribution to the EU budget

8 June 2007

In response to Global Vision’s report suggesting that the UK’s net contribution to the EU budget is set to double, Roland Rudd, Chairman of Business for New Europe said: “The UK’s increased contribution to the budget is largely due to enlargement of the EU to 27 member states. Enlargement has been good for Britain, the …

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European Union Jack Report Published

9 May 2007

Business for New Europe has published a report on Europe Day examining the UK’s influence on the EU. It argues that many of the forces and policies which shape the modern day European Union have actually been championed by the UK. Lord Jay of Ewelme, BNE Vice-Chair said: “This report emphasises the consistently positive role …

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UK Business Leaders Celebrate EU Anniversary

25 March 2007

On the 50th anniversary of the EU, fifty major business figures have set out their visions for the future of the Union, and the UK’s relationship with it. Their views are contained in a new pamphlet, “A Europe we can do business with”, which also features a Foreword from the Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon …

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EU: A necessity for the People of Europe

24 March 2007

Sir, The key to the European Union's future is not that its citizens love it but that they come to appreciate its usefulness. As your editorial "L'Europe tragique et magnifique - at 50" (March 19) states, Europe has achieved more in its 50 years than any other comparable organisation, but its publics remain sceptical about …

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Berlin Declaration for Business

23 March 2007

In advance of the Berlin Summit, Business for New Europe has published its suggested “Berlin Declaration for Business.” The BNE Declaration pays tribute to the European Union’s achievements over 50 years: “It has brought great rewards to the people of Europe. From six nations in the West it has spread a wave of freedom and …

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BNE Praises “Historic” Deal on Climate Change

9 March 2007

Following the meeting of the European Council in Brussels, BNE has welcomed the agreement on climate change. Chairman of BNE Roland Rudd said: “This deal is a crucial and historic step. It illustrates what Europe can achieve with a positive and constructive attitude. It shows the EU taking leadership on what is probably the Number …

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Single Market: Multiple Achievements

21 February 2007

Following the publication of the European Commission’s report on the single market in the 21st century, Business for New Europe has issued the following response: The single market has eliminated tariff barriers, abolished border controls and introduced mutual recognition for product standards. By doing this, it has boosted living standards, productivity and economic growth. Estimates …

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In praise of the Single Market: MORI Captains of Industry Poll

21 December 2006

On the twentieth anniversary of the Single European Act receiving royal assent in 1986, new evidence suggests that business leaders in the UK recognise the benefits of the single market. Research for the renowned MORI Captains of Industry survey shows that 78% of business leaders say that the single market has been helpful to UK …

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Business leaders say “Yes” to Europe

6 December 2006

In a major new pamphlet, business leaders from a range of different sectors claim that constructive engagement with Europe is important for a variety of reasons. Business for New Europe’s latest publication called “A Europe we can do business with” includes articles from business leaders in sectors ranging from banking, airlines and telecoms to manufacturing, …

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Services directive will make real difference to business

7 November 2006

Commenting on the passage of the services directive by the European Parliament, a spokesman for Business for New Europe said: “The directive is a significant step for economic dynamism in Europe. This historic measure will make a real difference to business. The gains from unleashing free market forces in the services sector will be immense. …

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Accession of Bulgaria and Romania

26 September 2006

In advance of reports that Bulgaria and Romania will enter the European Union on 1st January 2007, Business for New Europe has issued the following statement: "We welcome this news. The EU's enlargement since 2004 to take in the countries of eastern Europe has been an undoubted success. It has benefited not only the incoming …

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Open Letter: Letter from Romanians and Bulgarians living and working in the UK

25 September 2006

As Bulgarians and Romanians who live and work in the UK we are excited by the prospect of our countries joining the European Union in the near future. We appreciate the benefits and economic opportunities that this will bring, especially being part of the world’s largest single market. We anticipate that there will be a …

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UK’s Influence in Brussels is sprouting

18 September 2006

There has been a marked shift towards a more “Anglo-Saxon” approach in Brussels, according to a report published by Business for New Europe (BNE) today. BNE’s report “The changing character of Brussels: Charting the UK’s Influence” highlights the changes in the EU’s personnel and working culture which have served to increase the UK’s influence in …

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Open Letter: Business leaders call for open market approach towards Romania and Bulgaria

29 August 2006

If Bulgaria and Romania join the EU at the beginning of next year, the UK should continue with its open door policy. A so called pause in migration from these countries would be tantamount to a reversal of policy and could work against Britain's interest. Migration to the UK from Europe, both historically and following …

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Eastern European workers benefit the UK

22 August 2006

Referring to the issues of whether workers from Bulgaria and Romania should be permitted to work in the UK when those countries are admitted to the European Union, Business for New Europe issued the following statement: “Immigration has been a great source of wealth and creativity for the UK economy, both in the course of …

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EU must stick to Enlargement course

16 June 2006

Following the European Council meeting in Brussels, a spokesman for Business for New Europe said: “The process of enlargement has brought huge benefits to both the new and established member states. The UK economy and the business community have reaped great value from this. Despite many voices of doom at the time, the accession of the …

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BNE calls for delivery ahead of institutional reform

26 May 2006

One year since the defeat of the Constitution in France and the Netherlands, Business for New Europe issued the following statement: “A year ago the referendum on the Constitution in France was defeated. This was a significant milestone in the history of the EU, as was the defeat in the referendum in the Netherlands. Of …

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Accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU

16 May 2006

Following the announcement by the European Commission about the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU, Business for New Europe has issued the following statement: ”We welcome the expansion of the EU to encompass Bulgaria and Romania. Just two decades ago, these countries were part of the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. Now …

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Appointment of new Europe Minister

5 May 2006

Responding to the appointment of Geoff Hoon as the new Minister for Europe, Business for New Europe issued the following statement: “The appointment of a Minister for Europe who can attend Cabinet is an important reflection of the significance of Europe to the UK. Over half the UK’s trade is with Europe, and millions of …

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Business for New Europe Launches: Poll shows strong support for economic reform

27 March 2006

Twenty years to the day since the first reading of the Single European Act in the House of Commons (on 27th March 1986), a poll of FTSE100 and FTSE250 business leaders on attitudes towards the EU shows that an overwhelming majority think that the European single market has been good for UK business. The poll …

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