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Letter to the Editor of The Times

30 March 2009

Sir, We write in a personal capacity in support of Europe playing a leading role at the London summit meeting on Thursday. The EU is home to the largest market in the world, worth an estimated $17.6 trillion. While responsible for just 7 per cent of the world’s population, it comprises 30 per cent of global output. The EU must encourage the G20 meeting to produce concrete outcomes, including devising a mechanism to monitor and act against protectionism, and in seeking again to complete the Doha Round on Development. The G20 leaders should agree to redouble efforts to advance the benefits of free trade and bolster the open multilateral trading system. People in both developed and developing countries would benefit enormously from an all-encompassing trade deal. The London summit takes place at a pivotal moment for the global economy. While it cannot offer a panacea, it can certainly move the global economy in the right direction.

Roland Rudd, Lord Brittan of Spennithorne, Roger Carr, Guy Dawson, Sir John Parker, Vijay Patel, Stuart Popham, Sir Michael Rake, Anthony Salz, Peter Shore, Paul Skinner, Lady Judge

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