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Business for New Europe responds to Commission work plan

16 December 2014

“We welcome the proposals being put forward and the decision to withdraw significant amounts of previously proposed legislation” – Alisdair McIntosh, Director of Business for New Europe

Business for New Europe, the business group that makes the positive economic case for EU membership, today responded to the publication of the European Commission’s Work Programme for 2015.

Alisdair McIntosh, Director of Business for New Europe, said:

“We welcome the proposals being put forward and the decision to withdraw significant amounts of previously proposed legislation to avoid wasting time on measures that are less important or unlikely to be adopted. In both respects, the Commission is showing an admirable focus on what matters most - increasing growth and jobs.

“The Work Programme talks of ‘a need to clear the decks so that time and energy can be invested in those proposals that will have the biggest impact on jobs and growth and which have a good prospect of being adopted in the near future’.

“This is the first time a Commission Work Programme has placed such emphasis on what it’s not going to do. It helps to reinforce a clear sense of purpose.

“We also welcome the measures to facilitate economic growth in other respects. In particular, we applaud proposals to: improve the Single market, especially in services and the digital field; drive forward Capital Markets Union to finance growth; complete a new Energy Union to help address energy security and climate change, and increase competitiveness; and achieve an effective free trade agreement with the USA. These measures highlight some of the ways that the EU can benefit the British economy among others in Europe and beyond.

“In addition, the Commission rightly recognises that it needs to get better at legislating, and that the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament do, too. Its proposal for a new agreement between the institutions on better law making is therefore extremely welcome.

“This is a Commission that understands business. We now want to see it deliver, working with the Council and the European Parliament.”
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Business for New Europe is an independent coalition of business leaders advocating a positive case for reform in Europe. Our Advisory Council includes Chairmen and CEOs of FTSE 100 companies and our Executive consists of experts in foreign and economic policy, including former heads of the UK diplomatic service and senior journalists.

We provide a platform for debate on European issues to business leaders and policy makers. We publish research, hold seminars and conferences and seek to ensure that a reasoned, pro-European voice is heard in the UK.

We are a not-for-profit organisation funded by donations from the private sector with offices in London and Brussels.

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