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Press Release: ‘Brexit prize’ interesting exercise but shows how messy ‘out’ would be

9 April 2014

As the IEA announces the winner of its Brexit prize, with a theoretical blueprint for Britain outside the EU, pro-European business leaders said that although an interesting intellectual exercise in exploring what Britain outside the EU would look like, it simply highlighted how many different versions of ‘Out’ there are and didn’t address any of the many costs, disadvantages and risks of Brexit.
Alisdair McIntosh, Director of Business for New Europe, said:

“In recent weeks, UK businesses of all sizes and types -  including the car industry, the financial and professional services sectors and the engineering industry - have all said in the clearest of terms how valuable Britain’s EU membership is both to their companies  and to the UK economy is a whole.
“By contrast, those on the other side have so far signally failed to explain what ‘Out’ means. As this prize shows, there are numerous different versions, none of which could be guaranteed and all of which would need the agreement of the countries the UK was choosing to leave. What is absolutely clear is that there is no version of ‘Out’ without real economic pain and loss of international influence.”


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