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EU membership is vital for manufacturers, says Business for New Europe

26 February 2015

Manufacturers know that membership of the Single Market lets them export without barriers to a market of 500 million consumers.” – Roland Rudd, Chairman of Business for New Europe

Business for New Europe, the pro-European business campaign, today welcomed manufacturing group the EEF’s support for Britain’s membership of the European Union. Martin Temple, the EEF’s Chairman, is expected to warn today against letting Britain “sleepwalk out of Europe.” He will say that while the EU is beginning to reform, demanding unrealistic changes backed by a referendum would be counterproductive.
Roland Rudd, Chairman of Business for New Europe, said:
“The EEF is absolutely right to warn against sleepwalking out of the EU. Manufacturers know that membership of the Single Market lets them export without barriers to a market of 500 million consumers; that Europe provides vital research funding that will help build a high-tech economy; and that big exporters dependent on the European market support thousands of small manufacturers that do not export.
“Manufacturers, like all business people, also know that the EU must be reformed. It must reduce the volume of regulation, complete the Single Market and sign more free trade agreements. Mr Temple rightly points out that reform in Europe is progressing- in the last fortnight, Brussels has set out plans to create a single energy market and a single capital market.  
“The best way to reform the EU is for Britain to fully engage in the EU, and lead the alliance for reform. Completing the Single Market could be worth £110 billion to our economy. Making impossible demands and flouncing out of the room when they are not met would be madness.”

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