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BNE in The Guardian: ‘Juncker tells Cameron: you can’t destroy EU migration rules’

23 October 2014

Jean-Claude Juncker, the incoming president of the European commission, has rejected out of hand any attempt by David Cameron to “destroy” the fundamental rules of the EU on free movement of people.

In an echo of the remarks by the outgoing president José Manuel Barroso, who warned that the prime minister is making a “historic mistake” on the EU, Juncker said on Wednesday that he would not compromise in an “irresponsible way” on rights that date back to foundation of the EEC.

Alisdair McIntosh, director of Business for New Europe, said of the new poll: “Many of the public recognise the important economic benefits of staying within the EU. Politicians are mistaken if they think people just want to hear ever-louder Eurosceptic rhetoric, especially at a time of economic and political uncertainty. This only increases cynicism about the major political parties.

“Politicians need to lead from the front, not shout from the back. They need to set the agenda, and reflect the importance of EU membership to business and the economy. The way to promote prosperity in Britain is to secure realistic reforms of the EU. The government should fight for the reforms that matter most – those that will create growth and jobs.”

Read the full article here: 'Juncker tells Cameron: you can't destroy EU migration rules'



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