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Change in transatlantic relations (Letter to the Editor of The Times)

28 January 2009

Dear Sir - In recent years, British leaders have touted the UK-US “special relationship” as a means for Britain to exert its influence on the international scene (Pond Life, 24 January 2009). However, given his remarks about the importance of the EU’s role on the global stage, we should expect Obama’s promise of ‘change’ to extend to transatlantic relations. This was emphasised by the new Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at her Senate Confirmation Hearing on 13 January: “Our traditional relationships of confidence and trust with Europe will be deepened”. This of course depends on the EU itself being strong and coherent. And that in turn will only happen if we and other large member states help make it happen, rather than shouting from our own, sometimes rickety, and often discordant, soapboxes. Our government should be willing to work in and through the EU to engage with the US to strengthen our mutually beneficial relationship.
Roland Rudd (Chairman, Business for New Europe)
Sir John Grant (Vice-Chair, Business for New Europe)
Sir Stephen Wall (Vice-Chair, Business for new Europe)

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