External Relations

External Relations
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This is one of the most visible and important areas that the EU has to deal with.  Cathy Ashton’s recent appointment as High Representative is the start of a process over the next year or so that will see the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty’s main objective: to allow the EU to speak with a more unified voice on the world stage.

The issues facing the EU are diverse.  Croatia, Turkey, Russia, China, America – mention of each of these countries triggers a list of complex and interrelated issues that must be dealt with intelligently, deftly and with a view to promoting the EU’s interests on the world stage.  This is no easy task, and UK businesses have a very significant interest that this is done as well as it can be.

BNE will continue to passionately support enlargement, engagement and co-operation with the USA, engagement with Russia whilst striving towards a truly unified energy policy, and engagement with the China as markets are opened and standards of law and intellectual property become more important.



  • Strongly supports the continued enlargement of the EU, including to Turkey
  • Strongly supports close ties with the USA
  • Strongly supports a single EU energy policy in relation to Russia, and the completion of the Nabucco pipeline
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