BNE is a coalition of business leaders articulating a positive case for reform in Europe. We provide a platform for debate on European issues to business leaders and policy makers at the highest level. We publish research, hold regular seminars and conferences, and seek to ensure that a reasoned, pro-European voice is heard in the UK.

  • We support the UK’s membership of the EU and oppose withdrawal to the margins. We support positive and constructive engagement with the EU as the only sensible approach and as vital to our national interests.

  • We support a vision of a prosperous free-market Europe able to compete in a globalised world.

  • We support economic liberalisation and oppose excessive EU regulation, centralisation and red tape.

  • We support the enlargement of the EU including the eventual membership of Turkey, and recognise the benefits that the recent wave of enlargement has brought.

BNE is a not-for profit organisation funded by donations from the private sector. We are not affiliated with any political party, and we do not receive funding from the government or the EU. Our Advisory Council is made up of senior business people who support BNE in a personal capacity, and our Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of BNE.


“One of the most dynamic forces for free thinking in the EU”

David Miliband, 14 January 2010, BNE / CER conference.



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