BNE Business Manifesto for Reform

BNE launched "A Europe that Works: A Manifesto for Reform" with cross party support on 1 July in Westminster. We currently have over 260 supporters from large and small businesses and business associations. Click above to support the manifesto, and for full details of the campaign. …

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BNE in the Times: ‘Spelling out the lessons for an even bigger referendum to come’

Roland Rudd, chairman and founder of BNE, writes about the lessons learned from the Scottish independence campaigns for an EU referendum in Britain.

UK Membership of the EU: Key Facts

A summary of the key facts about Britain's benefits from being a part of the European Union. The publication highlights figures about the domestic economy, trade and the EU's free trade agreements.

Managing Migration: A Practical Approach

BNE believes that the government should prioritise action to manage immigration at the national level, and not attempt to renegotiate EU legislation on free movement of workers, as this would undermine British membership of the EU. The report makes 10 policy recommendations.

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